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This isn't my only project, cuz traditional acts of punk aren't my only thing.

I'm not scared of my old projects. I'm not gonna pretend I've been going to hardcore shows since the day god put me on this earth. I was sewing patches onto my clothes the same weeks I was reading Homestuck pages. I draw, I drive, I collect everything from eclectic furniture to manga I read in high school, I play instruments, I sew, I write, I go to shows, I love new wave fashion as much as my studs n' spikes, and I try to just let myself do what I'm gonna do.

"I'll just be what I have to be" The Garden, OC93.

I talk a lot about ideals and nonconformity here because that's what this site's for, but the fact of the matter is, I don't have to prove I'm nonconformist, I simply just do not conform.

Deciding what IS "punk" and what ISN'T is the antithesis OF punk. Even as I revolve my life around the American punk ideology that I love so dearly, I'm exactly who I am. Enjoy all the shit you like cause what the fuck else are we supposed to do under this capitalist anti-intellectualist jock-stereotype joke of a society. Don't let the people around you shove you into your locker for being different.

song of the week:

Urban Struggle - The Vandals

The Vandals have this magical way of ironic redneck genius. An essential to any band critical of the "united" states in all their 4th of july explosive glory. Urban Struggle is fun, its a good time to listen to. Especially if you grew up somewhere with actual redneck cowboys, like nevada.